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Description: Pareja Ardiente. At your service, ma'am. Our children attended, to my following her into her bedroom to see a new frock she had bought, to suddenly falling into each other's arms and laying down on the bed to feel myself being undressed by. Swiping the beer bottle out of the way with her hand, she laid back in that center circle, spreading her thighs like an open invitation, and I wasted no time in accepting. In this cozy well-decorated place, which has three rooms for her girls, fortyish Karen offers me a glass of wine and conversation about the events of the day. Sometimes a grown man needs a day off from the grind, too. I pulled her down toward me, her big breasts jostling in the light pink terrycloth robe. Then he said, Tell me when you're ready, I wanna see it shoot. I nodded. I let my hands roam under her shirt and then pulled the thing off, so that her big jugs could fall free. Then it was time for my fun, and when Felicia recovered from her orgasm, she slid down to the floor and undid my crotch panel.
Models: Nacho Vidal