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Description: Rebecca Linares Loves Hardcore. They sit on either side of me, and his warm breath caresses my neck while her long cool fingers stroke down my arm and around my side, then ending up just at the top my slit. I picked up my coffee cup. She seemed like the kind of girl who'd go in search of something new pretty quickly, and I didn't put too much hope that this relationship would endure all that long. The animal inside me was coming out. Trying my best to not get into trouble I replied with a Yes master as he chuckled as he knew I was completely defenceless to anything he threw at me. One of the character in the story depicts a real person. It felt great, and to show that I quietly started moaning. Her high heels tapped on the floor. He got me naked first, which I likeā€”kind of a fetish with me, being nude while the guy is dressed.
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