Creamy Part2 - TubeTar

Duration: 0:37 Submitted: 1 month ago
Description: Part2. Before I could say anything, he pushed his cock in and started fucking me. I wished I'd had the guts to bend down and whisper, Fuck my throat, please, but I'm just too damn passive. As the night was passing and I sat alone watching the crowd, I noticed a young woman looking at me a few times. She had long legs, which is an instant turn on for me, and mixed race, which made my cock swell. Luckily I have my dear and loving wife to live out my naughty dreams on. She looked as lovely as always, with her girlish face, her light brown hair pulled up in a top knot, her slightly skeptical eyes under beautiful dark brows. One girl in particular, Theresa, a black-haired and shapely chick, really got me going, but I felt myself slip into the friend zone with her (along with the other guys, I might add) and I didn't press things any further. Karen counts too!