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Description: Kiss And Tell 04 - Scene 6. He began ramming his cock in and out of his mother like a piston. Lisa arched her back as her body ignited into a deep red flame. But he knew that he had her, that this wouldn't be the last time she needed his holy cock. Yes, Goddess. Soon the first guy takes off his shirt and pants and she is alternating between the two large cocks, sucking and stoking each one furiously. I will not be able to come for few days. Oh, okay, I guess, I said, wanting to see what a leg slave liked to do. She was there to help me on my first Canadian tour, and she was going to cross the country during summer with me and all the production team. I shivered and began to sweat. I went back to sleep. The guy in back starts fucking her harder and faster for what seemed to be 10 or 15 minutes, stopping every so often before getting too close to coming, then starting again. Although she is only in her thirties, she has old-fashioned ideas about things too.