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Description: Blonde Babe Gets Crazy With A Long Black Dick. Okay, Ivy, he said, bowing his head and blushing, then you know I am addicted to cleavage, it is the most exciting thing to me about a woman, and after three hours of seeing yours, just that little bitty inch in the front of your dress, I am.I am. Knees and parted her thighs and crooked her finger at me and told me where to put my big eager thing. I had very thin pink lace panties under my jeans. I looked at her upturned little nose and her small ears, and reached up to touch them as she rode me. You're her slave? Over a cup of coffee that he insisted we have before we parted ways, he bluntly told me he liked to go both ways and if I felt like I wanted a little relief, he was more than happy to provide it with his mouth and hand.