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Description: Fucking Granny Riding Big Black Cock. This sight pushed Marcus to his limit. I loved the deep concentration in her eyes as she licked along the thick red shaft, lapping at the veins, and then swirling her tongue around my tip before swallowing me impressively down. I felt so dizzy and hormonal I knew I was going to cum at any moment. The hissing went back and forth but by some black magic unknown to Lan, Amber and Lauren suddenly were friends again. Tina and I thumbed through the racks, amazed this place could stay in business in the age of the internet. The money was okay and a faded Hollywood diva was the headliner. Dad started unconsciously rubbing his cock through his pajama bottoms, so I did the same. I had to hold my laughter when it happened. I looked away and set one hand against a nearby tree to steady myself. I drew a breath and sang it out in four hard notes.
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