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Description: The Very Best Of "doggy Style" #1. I came out a few minutes later in a new shiny gray bikini, which went beautifully with the shoes. He was a little pissed that he'd cum so soon, but he said it felt damn good anyway. My panties were wet when we stood across the street looking at it. He pressed his hand to my back so that my head went down against the comforter, and at the same time he spit on my asshole and rubbed his dick against it. I'm not much into playing cards, and only having recently come into money through a tech venture, I'm new to the millionaire circuit too—but when I went with a slinky thirtyish heiress named Katherine to her Park Avenue apartment for a nightcap, I thought, what the hell: strip poker? But I was willing to be her cuck, and she wanted me to be and to keep me close for this very special function, and that was a kind of love I could live with. It was a great orgasm, but the crazy thing is that after Jay left and I lay down in bed, I jerked to his autographed photo and had an even better climax.