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Description: Kiss Today Goodbye - Scene 5. Luckily I had put a shirt on before I took her down with me. She rubbed her fingers and palms over her face, massaging the goo into her skin and hair; she then stroked my cheeks and forehead with the remaining moisture. She would hug me and push her pussy up to me, rub my back and chest, take my hands and place them on her body, just short of her tits or pussy. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in with every thrust I made. She was well-lubricated from Jake's mouth, which had spent lots of time on her asshole as well as on her snatch, and once I got into her backdoor, Jake leaned over and slid his dick into her pussy. I think you are very sexy. Well, it's not like some of us didn't see you two already. If your mother knew how many times I've thought of 'you', while we have sex with her.
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