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Description: Got Me Burning - Scene 2 - Iron House. As you well know. I figured she had some kind of hustles going on, but I never asked what. I am not too sure about this marriage thing! I kept masterbating my ass for a while, and heard someone unlocking the front door. But I had a surprise for Tim. His mouth was the only thing keeping me quiet. Stayed at a buddy's place last night. Pierce was scared at this point. It's just that the sluttery is hidden now, not paraded on the streets the way it used to be in the days of high heel hookers and pimps and carnal cowboys and hustlers. I quickly noticed that she didn't seem to let anything get her upset, but frequently looked at things with a wry smile on her lips. I was holding her hips firmly as she rubbed herself against me. So SO much cum, Jesus christ I thought, that women has alot of it. Eleora held my head close to her tit, and began rubbing mine through my t-shirt. Yeah, I think she did. I think he felt a little intimidated when I used the word intrusion but that was the effect I wanted.
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