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Description: Papi Has A Huge Big Cock!. Buddy never told me he knew Pete, so when he called us over to the grill to get our food, I gave him a good talking to as he laid a sizzling burger on my bun, LOL! Our skin was cooling from the air conditioning but still sticky from outdoors, but that didn't matter. Can I borrow it, Mr. And as my ass clenched in my climax, I heard Jed groan and throb out his load too, deep inside me. And with those words he pressed his noble face into the carpet as the laurel leaf crown slipped off and he raised his toga to bare his ass to my prick. Last weekend I took a girl named Annie out to the carnival. Soon though she started riding me faster and harder. My ex had a big prick too and I'd loved to worship it, and I am a pretty well-practiced cocksucker so Todd was definitely the benefit not only of me being heavily on the rebound but quite an oral expert. But even a new attorney like Becky had a breaking point, and under the influence of my low-key Irish charm and ability to draw her out (aided by a couple of pints of Guinness), she soon decided on the wisdom of inviting me back to her place for the soul-uplifting fuck she desperately needed.
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