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Description: Tight Teen Twats 2 - Scene 3. The wetness of her mouth bathed my inches as she moved her head up and down, meanwhile cupping my balls with one hand and straying up with the other to rub my chest under my t-shirt. She didn't move her fingers away but she did mouth one word: Wow. After all, he's helpless in that cage! That throaty long moan that left my mouth was only heard by us because everybody else was yelling. She came as hard as she works out! I remember my first adult party, where alcohol was involved and sex was promised. I gave him my address. He took my shaft like a champ (gotta say I really enjoyed smacking it when I did him doggie style) and it was a creamy happy ending for me and the Columbus Day weekend! But when we got up to the tiny studio, with a window view of the ping pong table across the street where we had just been, there was something else she wanted to do first.