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Description: Laundry Room Quickie. My apartment is a bit of a dump but he didn't care. Now you can get down to eating me again, Barry. Slaves can NEVER hide! At least they couldn't hide from someone as gorgeous and cunning as the new queen of my lowly life! This is much bigger than my toy. She told me she wanted to have a taste of me ever since our parents first started going out. Ain't it beautiful? So I lifted his meat up at an angle, to see the spunk jet out like a little white geyser and then slide down his shaft like a sauce. You've got to be kidding, I said, although that strap looked serious enough. Tammy blew me for awhile and Ben didn't move from his chair, just kept watching us and stroking himself. Miss Andrews put one hand on the back of my head and guided my face down to her crotch, which was pretty with its ginger-colored curls. It was close to midnight. Suddenly, with a grunt, she pressed her ass crack full against my face, straightened up on her knees, and came, reaching behind to hold my head fast against her bottom.
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