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Description: Shemale. Kingsley knew he should not do it. In the next few minutes, everyone was reduced to just boxers, all with half-hard dicks, they were all itching to just whip their dicks out and start fapping, but they held out a little longer. Her slowly stroking hands were soon lubricated by the saliva running from her mouth. Only her conscious mind was telling her she didn't want those things, she didn't want the professor's cock but her body wasn't listening and before the conversation between the two teachers was finish, I held on until she was finished, of course, and then I let go of my load, filling the condom; but her pussy was so swampy and hot I could barely tell that I was still wearing the fucking thing. Judy is about 5ft 10 in. His dick was amazing, must of been around four point five to five inches long, fairly thin, uncut like mine and hairless.
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