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Description: Tugging My Dick. He ogled me hungrily, knowing another man's hands would soon be caressing me, fondling me, and preparing me for penetration. Makes me wish I could fly around like a superhero; I guess this is the next best thing. When Joe started kissing me he seemed to understand where I was coming from even though I hadn't breathed a word of my conflicted feelings. And then she cried out and came, and the volume didn't muffle her scream of pleasure one iota. I guess it wasn't a scene that you could call normal or average, but it was something I found I enjoyed, and when Jerrold and I came, it was pretty loud and gooey for both of us. Suddenly I found myself thinking about her when I was in bed with my husband. One afternoon in 1961 we were were doing it in our bedroom (fortunately I was successful in business and we had a nice house to live in with spacious rooms) and there we were, jaybird naked, with me holding.